Why Vegan?

We are very passionate about animals, and animal welfare.

Every living thing deserves to be loved, and nothing should have to endure pain and suffering, for our luxury beauty products.

If a product was tested on animals, would you still buy it?

Even non vegans would refuse to buy a product if they knew it had been tested on animals!

You would be very surprised if you knew all of the companies that tested new products on vulnerable, innocent animals.

The animal testing industry stoops down to as low as testing pet food on animals!

No one has the right to judge animals. Every living creature deserves to live a happy, free life. 

Our main goal is to eliminate the use of animal derived ingredients and animal testing in the perfume industry.

There are many issues that need fixing in the perfume industry. The main ones are:

Animal derived ingredients;
Animal Testing;
Toxic chemical ingredients

The more expensive the perfume, the more likely it is to contain animal derived ingredients, and possible animal testing history.

The use of animal derived ingredients such as whale sperm, pig saliva , then hormones and ammonia extracted from the glands of animals such as the Beaver, Deer, and some rare endangered animals.

Pheromones are a type of chemical that all animals produce. It changes the sexual behaviour of animals.
When concentrated, it makes a great fixative, which means that the perfume will last longer on the skin.  

The problem with pheromones is that these types of animal derived ingredients can over time confuse our own hormones, which can in the long run lead to health complications.

The Civet - a rare endangered wild cat,  is farmed for popular designer perfumery's for the Pheromones it produces, as they think it is the best fixative for perfume.

So how do they extract the pheromones from a wild cat?

(This is distressing information - but it must be told)

The Civet cats are kept in dire conditions, with just the minimum amount of food so that it stays alive. It see's no day light, and has barely enough room to walk.

When the Civet comes of age, it is caught, tied up in a way so that the genital is exposed - Then, without sedation or anaesthetic, it is whipped around the genital area so that the glands produce more of the pheromone secretions. After countless whipping, then civet has to undergo more pain, as the person then makes multiple incisions to the genital area (again with no pain relief) and scrapes the glands for extraction.

The Civet is then slaughtered for its fur, or used in the coffee trade, as it can no longer produce any more pheromones. 

A BBC article about Civet Coffee 2013

Yet in the perfume industry, this particular ingredient is deemed 'fashionable' as the perfume lasts for hours, and is very expensive.

The use of Civet pheromones is a fashion, and financial statement for the customer.  

What they don't realise is that they are also promoting 
sufferingtorture, and needless blood spill.

It's not just the Civet that suffers these types of treatment.
But the fact that this is already an endangered species, makes it all the more shocking.

Cruelty to animals doesn't stop there, sadly.

Because the new products that contain these dreadfully harvested ingredients,
are then tested on More Innocent animals!

Companies that test on animals will not admit to doing so, but will instead hide behind a statement similar to something like this;

'We only test on animals if the law requires it' 

The truth is, is that there are cruelty free ways to test a new products.

The Law does NOT require that new beauty cosmetics must be tested on animals!

Specially made dermatology machines that test the safety of new products, like perfume exist.
Not only is it safer, it's more accurate to test new beauty products this way.

Cheaper too!

It is unnecessary to use ingredients cruelly derived from animals to make a great quality perfume.

There's also no need to give up your favourite perfume scent, as here at Eden Perfumes, We can match your favourite perfume, using totally Natural, Organic, Vegan ingredients. Click here, to find out how we make our perfumes.

Cheaper & Safer for you - Kinder & Safer for the animals  Our ingredients are also environmentally friendly!  

      Whether you are vegan or not, we all love animals, and never want to see them suffer.
We all want to be as healthy as possible too.

If you are interested in Vegan products, or the Vegan lifestyle, here's a few links that we hope you will find helpful


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