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We hope you enjoy reading our posts as much as we enjoy writing them! 

So to get our blog going, we thought you might like to know a bit about us.

We are a European based, organic, vegan company.
We grow as many ingredients as we can organically at our farm in Spain, and find the ingredients that we can't grow at our farm from responsible organic sources.
We do not use any harmful chemicals in our perfumes, this means that our perfumes do not contain ingredients like; Parabens, formaldehydes, petroleum, carcinogenic and hormone disruptive chemicals.

Here at Eden Perfumes we are purely natural, with nothing to hide!

Want to cut down on domestic chemical exposure?
But can't live without your favourite perfume?
Well now you don't have to!

We can probably match your favourite perfume!

We hope to encourage change in the perfume and beauty industry.

Not only do regular perfumes contain very toxic chemicals as mentioned above, but most of these perfumes are usually tested on animals. Which in this day in age, is cruel, and really not necessary. 

The companies that test on animals will not admit to doing so, but will usually hide behind a statement similar to one like this; 'We only test on animals if the law requires it'

Sounds fair enough, right?

Well the truth is, is that there are many cruelty free ways to test a new product, and it is not the law to test beauty cosmetics on animals.

Over 130 perfumes in stock - with more to come!

We believe that natural, organic, vegan perfume should be affordable for everyone to indulge in.

Our Affordable Approach

We will be writing about 2 perfumes each month, with possible special offers!

Watch out for it in our recent posts, and take a look at our Perfume Archive 


Every Eden Perfumes shop is unique
We like to tailor our perfume selection to the town or city we are in. With our vast array of perfume, no shop is the same. So whatever shop of ours you visit, it's bound to excite your senses!

Love our approach to perfume so much that you think you'd be interested in opening up a shop with us?
We have a franchise package available!

More information will be available soon, but if you can't wait, just pop into one of our shops, or talk to us on Facebook!

Want to know how we make our perfume natural and vegan friendly? Click here!

View Our Perfume Index Here!

Come visit us at

69 George St, Hove


69 Western Rd Brighton

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