Monday, 26 October 2015

Halloween at EDEN Perfumes Brighton

The 31st October is approaching scarily fast! 

How do you celebrate Halloween? Trick or treating? Partying? Or do you just enjoy seeing the kids prance around in their Cute... I mean... Awfully scary costumes?

Jacki, CEO of EDEN Perfumes Celebrates Mexican style - The Day of The Dead.

It's a beautiful celebration - It is believed that on the 31st October, the gate between the living and the dead is at its thinnest, allowing the recently passed to cross over to the living world to visit their families (how cool is that?!)

Every year they make little shrines at home, and/or at their loved ones grave, covering it with things they loved, including a special bread called Pan de Muerto (Bread of the dead) So the spirit has something to eat after his/her long journey to your home, then Marigolds are placed as the scent helps guide the dead to the living world.

However if you don't want any spirits to come and find you - Dressing up in a scary costume and painting your face, the spirit will not recognise you!

Jacki - "I  get very emotional with this celebration.. I truly believe my grandad comes to see us.. its like Xmas day"

Why not make your own little shrine and celebrate their life for a recently passed loved one? 

Where does the Jack o' Lantern come from?

Story has it, that a man named Jack, lured the devil up an apple tree and trapped him using a crucifix, and wouldn't let the devil down until he swore that Jack would not be summoned to hell when he died. The devil reluctantly agreed.

When Jack Died, God turned him away from Heaven because he had dealt with the Devil. So Jack went to the Devil - Staying true to his word, the Devil refused Jack into Hell and turned him away.

Jack was lost, alone with nothing but a turnip that he had found was in a world he was not part of any more, aimlessly wandering, not knowing where or how to rest.

The Devil watched Jack, and with pity, threw him a hot piece of coal to give jack some light.

Jack was grateful for this piece of hot coal, but couldn't hold it! So he bit a chunk out of his turnip, and placed the hot piece of coal inside, creating a lantern to light his way through the darkness. 

These days, The Turnip is now a pumpkin!

Want to keep bad spirits away? But don't feel like dressing up?
Well then we have the perfect potions for you!

Perfume #41 - brand match to Coco Chanel contains Cloves, which bad spirits hate!

Perfume #20, and #108 also contain spices such as pumpkin and cloves that ward off any evil spirits!

Have fun, and stay safe on this Happy Halloween!

69 Western Road, Brighton

69 george St, Hove

Disclaimer: The owners of the brands on this table do not endorse and are not affiliated supporters in any way with EDEN Perfumes. Our products are made using our own organic formulas.

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