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EDEN Perfumes - Easter

Easter Marks the resurrection of Jesus after his crucifixion and the birth of Spring.

Holy Week

The Holy week marks the lead up to the rising of Jesus.

Palm Sunday is the first day of Holy Week, which celebrates Jesus' arrival in Jerusalem.

Maundy Thursday is the Thursday before Easter Day. Jesus and his disciples have 'The Last Supper' on this day to which they had bread and wine. During The Last Supper Jesus told his followers that they should love one another. To show an example of his love, he washed the feet of his disciples.

Good Friday is the Friday before Easter Sunday
This is the day that Jesus is Crucified on the cross.

Then  Easter Sunday - Is the day when Jesus rises from the dead


To those who are not Christian, Easter can be a celebration mark of Spring.To Christian and non Christians, Easter, Spring, is the gift of Life.

When chicks start to hatch from their nests, lambs, and other beautiful animals are born. 

Flowers also start to bloom...

It really is beautiful...

So, When did chocolate come to Easter?

Egg shaped gifts were often given round Easter time as it is a symbol of fertility and rebirth 

People would paint eggs, or make egg shaped boxes and fill them with lots of little gifts, such as food and flowers. 

Chocolate eggs first made an appearance in Europe in the early 19th century as a new way to sell chocolate! We all love chocolate so much, it has been The most popular Easter gift ever since!

Everyone loves chocolate, but don't you find that during Easter, you just get too much?! 

Why don't you celebrate Easter a bit differently this year, and with a few friends or family members, buy them a small gift that Isn't chocolate?

It will make Easter 2015, an 
Easter to remember!

For just £12 you could buy a close friend, or loved one a gorgeous bottle of 
Eden Perfume!

There's some chocolate eggs that cost a lot more out there!

What's more is that a lovely bottle of perfume would last a lot longer than some chocolate, and possibly appreciated more!

It's a mine field when people are trying to maintain or lose weight over Easter, It's so frustrating having to deal with all that food and chocolate!

Why not have a Vegetarian, or Vegan Easter this year, and buy Perfume for gifts instead?

Veggie Easter Dinner Recipes Here!

Not sure what Eden perfume to buy? We supply Gift Vouchers!

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Valid Until the 5th April - If you buy 2 bottles of Perfume, You will get a 3rd  30ml bottle FREE! 

How cool is that?!

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Happy Easter!!!

Monday, 16 March 2015

EDEN Perfumes - Great Quality - Great Value - Natural - Vegan

At Eden we rely on the quality of our products rather than the beauty of the packaging.

This approach makes out perfume affordable to Everyone.
So not only are you getting a natural, ,vegan perfume that's great quality - You get it at an amazing price too!
Did you know that perfume companies spend most of their money on pretty bottles rather than the quality of their actual product?!

We believe that natural, organic, vegan perfume should be affordable for everyone to indulge in. 

With our perfume, you will find that it lasts for hours and hours!

We have over 130 perfumes in stock - with more to come!
View Our Perfume Index here

Want to buy your loved one their favourite bottle of perfume, But can't afford it?

We can probably match their favourite perfume, at a much cheaper price!

Better quality too!
Click here to find out how we make it

If you have your own unique/vintage bottle that you love, simply wash it out and bring it with you to one of our shops, we will measure how much perfume it can hold, give you a quote, and if you wish, fill it up with your chosen perfume!

If you choose to buy one or more of our perfumes you will;

Be getting an amazing quality product at a great price
Be helping the environment by not investing in toxic chemicals

Be protecting your loved ones from using chemicals that are found in regular perfume that are harmful

Be helping to improve animal welfare, because our products are not tested on any animal, and contain zero animal derived ingredients

Come visit us at

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Or visit our Online Store

We can't wait to see you!

EDEN Perfume Of The Month March 2015


Welcome to the first post for Perfume of the month!

We love all of our perfumes, but we have so many, we think this would be a really good way to show you our wonderful range over the coming years. 

Not forgetting, the Amazing Offers that come with Perfume Of The Month!

March Perfume of the month special offer has now Ended. 

Our Feminine Perfume of the month for March is...

!Perfume 309!


So what's special about 309?
(Blog writers' first perfume to purchase from EDEN!)


Top Notes: Violet leaf, Sanguine, Grapefruit, Wild strawberry

Middle notes: Gardenia, Violet, Jasmine

Base notes: Vegan Musk (How we make it) White woods, Vanilla

Our Masculine perfume of the month for March is...

!Perfume 101!

Top Notes: Pettigrain, Cardamon, Lemon, Orange, Fir

Middle Notes: Jasmine, Rosemary, Rose, Lily-of-the-valley

Base Notes: Vetiver, Vegan Musk, Oakmoss, Brazilian Rosewood 

March Perfume of the month special offer has now Ended. 

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To take advantage of our Perfume of the Month

How Our Organic and Vegan Perfume is Made at EDEN

We believe that natural, organic, vegan perfume should be affordable for everyone to indulge in!

So how do we make it?

All of our perfumes are made in 3 si
mple steps -
A mixture of essential oils, mixed with aromatic woods, bounded to alcohol.

  The alcohol is distilled by us, from Aubergines which we grow. The same goes with the essential oils - We grow the flowers, and extract the oils ourselves. 

To make our perfume we rely very much on the alcohol we make, and the woods we use, such as Sandalwood, and Oudh (also known as Agarwood)
These are the key ingredients we need so we can make great quality perfume that lasts, without toxic and animal derived ingredients.

In recent years, Sandalwood has become endangered due to illegal logging in places like Tanzania and Kenya. It takes over 30 years for a Sandalwood tree to grow and mature before it can be cut down to be distilled. Illegal logging of this precious tree has meant that more are being destroyed than grown. This is why we only use Sandalwood grown from responsible sources, usually grown in managed forests in Australia.

How do we make vegan friendly, natural, animal free musk scent?

It's easy! we simple derive different oils from vegetables and flowers like the Ambrette flower, and mix them together with Sandalwood and Agarwood.

All of our perfumes go through stringent tests to make sure they are safe. Our products are never tested by or for us on animals - and never will be!Our perfumes are tested on dermatology machines. This takes up to a week for each perfume.

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