Friday, 27 February 2015

EDEN Perfumes - Mother's Day

Mothers day has different meanings depending on the country you are in. 

In the UK, Mother's day was originally a day when people returned to the churches to which they were baptised in, which meant that families and children would be reunited for the day.
Mothers day became a public holiday so that children that worked away from home could have a special day off to spend time with their mother - Children would often make gifts to give to their mother upon arrival. 

Also known as Mothering Sunday, Mother's day is no longer a public holiday, but it's still a wonderful day to appreciate mothers of all ages. Mothers, Grandmothers, stepmothers, and Mother in laws, or anyone you see as a mother in your life - this day is the day when special effort is made to show how appreciated they all are! 


Here's a few ideas on what you could do to make your Mother's special day, a day to remember

 Bake, or order her favourite cake - who can resist chocolate cake?!

Make her a gift, such as a necklace, bracelet, or picture

Write her a letter for her to read on Mother's day morning

Take her out for lunch or dinner- We love Iydea Cafe for their Vegan options!

Go out for tea and cake - Chocaffinitea is our new favourite place for Gluten free Vegan cheesecake that tastes absolutely amazing!

Hope you have a very happy Mothers Day!

Monday, 2 February 2015

Valentines Day at EDEN Perfumes Brighton

It's one of our favourite days' of the year here at Eden.

It's the first occasion that's celebrated after Christmas, and it's all about love -

What's not to like?

Valentines day has no confirmed origin however there are rumours that it's the celebration of St Valentines death - who was a priest in the 3rd century who helped marry couples during the times when marriage was forbidden.

There are other theories as to how Valentines day came about. Some say it was a celebration of spring and fertility, whilst others claim it stems from religion.

Where ever Valentines day truly originates from, we're glad it exists!

In Spain, and other parts of Europe, Valentines day is a celebration of all kinds of love.
People buy presents for everyone who is close to their hearts - very close friends, parents, grandparents, siblings, and of course, their romantic partner.
So when we found out that Valentines day was aimed mostly just towards couples in love, we found it a bit odd!

Everyone deserves a token of love on Valentines day, because everyone we love, holds a special place in our hearts.

 At Eden Perfumes a 30ml bottle is just £12 instore! So why not spend the change on a bit of chocolate to make a perfect gift set for someone you love (or keep the chocolate for yourself...)

Want to buy online? Click Here! 

So if you want to celebrate Valentines day a bit differently this year, here are some ideas of what you could do;

Take your best friend(s) or parents out for breakfast or lunch.
The Verano Lounge in Brighton has gorgeous d├ęcor and a great selection of menus to match everyone's taste.

See a movie before a meal - This will give you something extra to talk about during your meal and you wont feel over full whilst watching the movie.

Book the day off!
The possibilities would be endless if you scheduled the day off with your loved ones. A whole day of chilled out fun with the people you love. Treat yourself (and perhaps a loved one) to a spa day, or have a shopping spree with your friends, then have a romantic evening in, or out with your partner. How lovely does that sound?!

Why not treat your partner to some flowers and a cruelty free, natural version of their favourite perfume from us here at Eden.

Have a Valentines Pyjama Party

Be it with your partner, or your friends, if you have a busy life, you might enjoy the super laid back approach to Valentines day - Just make sure it includes romantic movies, yummy food, a box of chocolates (we recommend Montezuma's) Lots of laughs, and of course - Cuddles!

Turn the tables...
If your partner tends to treat you on Valentines day, why not turn things around and treat them instead?

EDEN Perfumes invites you to our Valentines Party on Saturday 14th of February
Surprise your Partner, Best Friend or Relative
on this fabulous day at 
69 George St, Hove

69 Western Rd Brighton
Join us for Champagne, Chocolate & Music  
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Whether you choose to stay in, or go out, we hope you have
A Happy Valentines Day!